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Dr Gupta has an attentive, friendly and empathetic attitude towards all his patients. His team believes in developing a mutual understanding based on trust and rapport with his patients. His practice is ready to discuss your worries regarding the status of your teeth, your gums, how much work is required and how much it would cost. The treatment procedures are explained to the patients in a simple manner. They are also informed about the scope and limitations of the treatment plan.

Digital Dental x rays RVG

The importance of X-rays as a diagnostic tool is well established in dentistry. It serves a significant role to assess the various stages Of treatment, as well. Digital x-ray machines have been installed in Dr Gupta‘s clinic, following his motto of “keep things simple”. There are no hassles of taking x-rays on conventional films, the time wasted in developing them and the problems of storing them over long periods of time. The clinic is also saved from the stink of the developing/fixing solutions.

Dr Gupta’s digital x-rays offer him the following advantages over conventional x-rays:

  • Immediate observation of radiographic images.
  • Immediate and effective patient education.
  • Easier detection of any pathology present by changing the contrast of the images, enlarging them, using colour enhancements and superimposing various textures.
  • Easy data storage.
  • Easy & rapid data retrieval.
  • Less radiation exposure to patients (by 70-80%), thus multiple x-rays can be taken frequently.

Pit And Fissure Sealants

These are clear plastic substances that are used to protect the tooth surfaces that are more prone to decay particularly the posterior teeth. The posterior teeth have numerous pits and grooves on their chewing surfaces. These areas provide shelter for food debris and bacterial products. At times, it is difficult to even for a single toothbrush bristle to enter these areas and clean them. Pit and Fissure sealants are placed in these grooves to seal them.

These are especially recommended for children for their primary and permanent molars. However, they can be used for any tooth with susceptible pits and grooves. Placing Pit and fissure sealants is a quick, simple and painless procedure. The tooth requiring the sealant is first cleaned. Slight preparation of the pits and grooves, if required, is done. They are then treated with a mild acid for few seconds. Once the surface gets etched, the sealant is made to flow in these areas and cured with a special light. The tooth is ready to use.