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Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth decay is a very common dental condition. It can occur at any time and age. Poor oral hygiene, unregulated consumption of sweet foods & drinks, old worn out fillings are some of the causative factors of tooth decay.

Tooth decay starts as a small opening/hole in the enamel. At this stage, the tooth may become sensitive to hot & cold foods/drinks. If untreated, it may progress further to deeper layers of the tooth wherein the tooth may become sensitive to a variety of stimuli. Infection may even reach the pulp chamber of the tooth where all the nerves and blood vessels are present. This infection may further spread to the root portion and from there to adjoining bone, creating further complications.

Thus, a timely diagnosis and a most apt treatment are what is required. Dr Gupta’s clinic provides you tooth coloured (white) fillings as a treatment option for your decayed teeth. These are safer and more attractive alternative to older silver amalgam fillings. They are virtually Invisible. In one appointment only you get beautiful and a durable filling that lasts for many years.

Inlays and Onlays

Sometimes the decay/fracture in a tooth is so extensive that it is not possible to place a direct filing whether silver based or composite based. If done, it would adversely affect the structural integrity of the remaining portion of the tooth and also give an improper occlusion.

In such instances, We recommend Inlays & Onlays which are extra-coronal restorations and are fabricated directly. These restorations enhance the structural durability of the tooth and protect the tooth against recurrent decay. They also offer ease of cleansing and excellent gum care.

Post and Core Build Ups

Placing a post & core is a procedure which is required to build a badly broken down tooth either because of extensive decay or fracture of the tooth. Once the root canal treatment is over for the tooth, the tooth needs to be built up so that it can receive a crown. The core acts as a foundation for the crown and the post as a retentive pin for the core.

A number of post & core systems are available in the market. Dr Gupta however, prefers fibre-based systems over the metallic ones. The fibers posts are esthetic, minimally invasive, do not corrode and when cemented with resin cement form a mono bloc effect with the tooth thus increasing the strength of the tooth by many folds.

Once the post space preparation is done, the post is cemented with a luting cement and core is build up using composite resin. The tooth is then prepared similarly for a crown.

Root Canal Treatment

On many occasions, the root canal of a tooth gets inflamed and infected due to bacterial invasion. The bacterial inflow can either be from an extensive decay in the tooth or from surrounding infected gums. In either case, the bacteria reach the nerves and blood vessels placed in the root canal of the tooth.

As a result, there may be severe tooth pain which worsens on lying down. This pain may radiate to head as well as ears. The pain is usually constant and may be accompanied by a swelling. There is sensitivity to sweet food.

Dr Gupta’s advice for such cases is to get a root canal treatment done immediately to prevent further spread of infection to the jaw bone. In a root canal treatment, the diseased pulp tissue comprising of the nerves and blood vessels is removed, the canals are cleaned, shaped and filled. Thus, sealing the root canal space to prevent further infection. This is followed by placement of a crown over the treated tooth.