Teeth whitening, a simple way to a beautiful smile

We all want to a have a beautiful smile which is whiter than white. With the advent of simple procedures which take much less time and give instant results there is no need to worry. All you need to do is to go to a dental professional and come back from the dental office with a sparkling smile.

For  heavily stained teeth first a dental scaling and polishing is done. This is a simple procedure where the dentist will remove the stains and the deposits also refered to as calculus from the tooth surface with an ultrasonic scaler in his office. Then there are two ways in which teeth can be bleached.

One way is a simple take home bleaching kit which is provided by the dentist. Here the dentist will first take an impression of your teeth and send it to the lab for getting a custom made tray of your teeth. Once this is done you can take away the tray and the bleaching kit. The duration for applying the gel on the teeth varies and is done according to the manufacturers direction. It gives good results over a long period of time.

The other way is chairside bleaching procedure done by the dentist. It is done in an hour or two. It does give better results than home bleaching because the content of peroxide (bleaching agent) is more concentrated in this. It needs to be done carefully. Here first a gel is applied on the gum line and allowed to set with hely of laser (ultraviolet light). Then the bleaching gel is applied on the teeth and is also made to set by applying the laser (ultraviolet radiation). Once the desired shade is achieved the protective gel is removed.
Does bleaching harm the teeth ?

Certain precautions need to be taken while bleaching the teeth. According to Dr Aman ,a leading cosmetic surgeon in max hospital ,New Delhi,patients with gingival recessionor very thin enamel should avoid this procedure is it will increase the sensitivity of the teeth. However a certain degree of sensitivity or a sharp pain after the procedure is experienced by the patients but it mostly subsides after 48 hours. It is always advisable to avoid hot and cold foods immediately after the procedure for a day or two. It is generally not recommended for children,pregnant and breastfeeding women.
Which are the best whitening systems used?

There are many whitening systems used nowadays like BriteSmile,zoom!,opalescence,pola office. The dentist will choose the best for you and each system has its own pros and cons.
Is bleaching an expensive procedure?

It is not really an expensive procedure. The cost of the treatment depends upon th credentials of the dentist,the state of the art clinic where the whitening is performed,the locality of the clinic the type of whitening system used.
How long does the bleaching last?

The bleaching lasts for about 2-3 years mostly. The life of bleached teeth also depends upon eating,smoking,drinking and brushing habits of the patient. The bleaching procedure can be repeated again.

So what are you waiting for? Head towards your dentist to get a million dollar smile!

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